New Addiction

Well….despite my best efforts to stay focused on yarn & knitting & dyeing, I decided to take a spinning class. A friend from my knitting group took the class this spring and raved about it – it’s once a week for 6 weeks, and you get to take home a different wheel each week to practice on. The class is taught by Nancy Weber, and it’s the last one she’s teaching on the Central Coast before moving back to the Bay Area, so I figured this was my chance!

In the first class, we learned about fleece, washing & combing, and how to remove the spindle from the different wheels. There was no actual spinning instruction and our homework was to get comfortable just treadling. Practice for 15 minutes each day. So I took my pretty wheel (a Kromski Prelude) home that night and treadled. And got bored. And tried to spin up some roving. And failed. Ok, back to treadling.

Night 2: Treadled. Got bored. Drank a beer. Grabbed the roving again. Played with the Scotch tension. And suddenly, this happened:

I was spinning! By the next morning, this happened:

Yep, fully addicted!

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