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Well, I’m still getting the hang of blogging and I should probably update it more than once every few months. It’s not that exciting things aren’t going on – it’s the pictures that hang me up. I have this feeling that blog posts without pictures are kind of boring, and then it becomes this big task to take a good picture or figure out what the right picture would be….anyway, that’s my excuse for now. :)

So, without further adieu, let me present the world with a picture of the very first yarn that I’ve sold:

Alpenglow Yarn, Silk Fingering, Sea Green

It was only 9 skeins of one color, but you have to start somewhere. :) They’re 50g skeins of 100% silk, 2-ply, fingering weight. There are 3 left, you can find them at Yarns at the Adobe in San Luis Obispo.

Breaking that barrier from talking about selling yarn to actually selling yarn was a big relief and a much-needed chunk of positivity, when frankly, the bottom was dropping out of the rest of my life. I don’t know how to best say it, but Dan and I are having a really rough time. Please think positive thoughts for both of us – we do love each other very much and my biggest hope and desire is that we can work everything out and be even better together. So, for the past month I’ve been focusing a lot on life, and yarn has been on the backburner.

But the fire is slowly getting turned up under the yarn. I went to TNNA and was surrounded by yarn fumes. I met Darlene Hayes, a natural dyer whose Nature’s Palette yarn I admire very much. I got to talk more with D’Elin Lohr of The Drop Spindle Yarns, and visited her studio full of bright yarns and inspiration. I have bags of Rambouillet, Merino, silk, cashmere, and wool/tencel that are ready and waiting in my workshop. I have cones fresh from the mill full of Corriedale and alpaca, as well as carded roving. I have a rainbow of dyestuffs and pots to boil them in. And I have an awesome crowd of fiber-freak friends that are egging me on with more encouragement and support than I could ever ask for. :)

So after February 8th, when Dan goes to Australia and life settles down a bit, I’m crankin’ up the heat.

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Engineer, maker of tools for yarn dyers and maker of other interesting things. I still do some natural dyeing, but not as a business. View all posts by alpenglowyarn

2 responses to “Yarn & Life

  • alpenglowyarn

    Thanks for your kind words, Julia! :) Yeah, it turns out that life isn’t always a bunch of roses, and I think my blog should depict a general picture of life without getting too much into the drama of it all. I actually never have a problem thinking of stuff to write – I could yap about yarn all day long – I just gotta get on the horn a little more! :)

  • julia moore

    Hi Gal! I am glad you are back. I have kept your blog address patiently in my favorite blogs list, knowing that time is not always measured in days and hours, especially if you are a fiber artist, and that you would speak again someday about your wonderful life. And I appreciate your honesty about the realities of life, such as relationship problems. My daughter is going through this too. I think back to where I was, how I thought and acted when I was your age, and I just have to hand it to you younger women for your maturity, wisdom and courage at your age, as you take on life’s challenges. I did not figure anything out until late in my 40’s. I did not find my right partner, my best guy ever, til I was in my 50’s. You are ahead of the curve, girl! Love, Julia

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