Look! Rain!

Yes, rain is such an infrequent occurrence in these parts that people are actually compelled to blog about it. And take pictures of the rain and show the world that – Look! It’s RAINING!!!! Water is falling from the sky!!!!

So here are my pictures of this crazy rain thing. A year ago, I could have shown a dramatic picture of Cerro San Luis mountain in the rain, but my sweet neighbors built a giant house in the way. :(

I was skeining and washing yarn yesterday, Corriedale that I recently got back from Ranch of the Oaks. Pretty exciting, it’s my first run of custom yarn! :) I took advantage of a brief break in the weather to dry it a little in the sun:

And this is Bandit. As you can see, she was helping me skein yarn. :)

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Engineer, maker of tools for yarn dyers and maker of other interesting things. I still do some natural dyeing, but not as a business. View all posts by alpenglowyarn

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