Snow-camping in Sequoia

I spent the last week with Dan, the final hurrah before he left for Australia for 4 months. We spent a few days snow-camping in Sequoia National Park, one of our favorite spots. There’s something especially magical about it in winter. No one is there — and I mean NO one. We saw one couple at the very beginning of our hike on Wednesday, then no one for the rest of the day. The only sound was the crunch of our snowshoes, and when we stopped and listened, the whole forest was hushed.

And what a forest is the Giant Forest. It’s a landscape straight out of a fantasy novel or Myst game – very surreal. You think if someone pinches you, you’ll wake up. Walking through a sequoia grove is like stargazing on a dark and clear night. The trees are so old and so big and have such a presence about them, that you feel small and insignificant. Which is all very difficult to capture in a photo, but here are a few:

A big tree

Me and big tree

We did a 5-mile loop through the Giant Forest on Wednesday, then a quick 2-mile hike to Sunset Rock on Thursday before heading home. Me at Sunset Rock:

Me at Sunset Rock

And for all of you wondering about the name “Alpenglow”, here’s a good example of the sun setting the granite on fire. This was the view from our camp.


Now, I almost got to the end without mentioning yarn. But check out this fine example of a Jared Flood Habitat hat, knitted by yours truly. With yarn spun by yours truly and dyed by yours truly too, after the hat was knit. I love this color, and already have the perfect name for it. Which I’m not telling you yet. :)

Dan and me, Habitat hat

I’m happy to report that Dan and myself are doing well again. We love each other to pieces, really. I’m super-excited for him – working and having adventures in Australia for 4 months! – but pretty sad to be so far away and for so long. However, on the bright side, it looks like I’ll be able to join him for a month in mid-April. And that’s only 9 weeks and 3 days away, but pshaw, who’s counting? ;)

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