Hello World-Wide-Web!

I was going to eat breakfast first, then write this, but Rascal is being very cute and snuggled up beside me while I was reading email. So of course, I can’t move and disturb the kitteh…..

Big news! My website is finally UP! Yay! I now feel deserving of those celebratory martinis we had on Wednesday night. Here’s a quick screenshot….nice, no?

I feel like David who has conquered Goliath with a slingshot. Seriously, it started to become one of Those Things that would never be done…and the closer it got to being done, the more life got in the way, and the more I felt it would never be done! Today is like a shiny new day – I feel relaxed, productive, and confident. I can finally concentrate on dyeing more colorful yarn! I haven’t even unpacked the workshop since moving, and I can’t wait to start that on Monday. And I can’t wait to see Dan this weekend – it’s been a month!

So…now that I can finally start moving ahead, what’s up with Alpenglow Yarn in the next few months? Well, nothing but dyeing from now until October 2nd, which is the Cogknitive Fiber Retreat in Tehachapi and my very first vending event! I’m so excited about this – meeting new people and selling yarn face-to-face for the first time! I really can’t wait, I think it’s going to be awesome. And I couldn’t ask for a more perfect first venue – one day, 50 fiberlicious people. It’s the perfect foot-wetter! Gemma was so nice to find space for me – she asked if the hallway was OK, and I was like, “Hell, yeah!” My goal is to have a colorful display of 200 skeins of yarn. Plus some natural-color yarn and roving. And maybe some of that washed ultra-fine merino fleece that I just got back from Shari….

And then…deep breath….there’s Stitches West. Yep, Ranch of the Oaks and I are going to be booth-mates! I’m excited but also completely terrified. I’m really happy that there will be a whole local SLO contingent since NordicMart is also representing! It will definitely be nice to have a bunch of familiar faces around, and people to share the whole crazy experience with.

What, kitteh? My typing was disturbing you? Ok, that’s my cue to actually make some breakfast. Thank you everyone (yeah, that’s YOU!) for all the encouragement. Couldn’t have done it alone!

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Engineer, maker of tools for yarn dyers and maker of other interesting things. I still do some natural dyeing, but not as a business. View all posts by alpenglowyarn

3 responses to “Hello World-Wide-Web!

  • Bibianna

    Congrats! I’m so excited for you. I’m going to check out your website now. :)

  • Julia Moore

    Hooray, Carrie! I’ve kept you on my “favoites” blog roll and checked in every once in awhile, but thought maybe you had gone off somewhere, never to return. I am so glad you are finally ready to sell your beautiful yarn. I will alert my small world of blog readers that you are def. in business now. Maybe some day I will even save enough pennies to buy some of your lovely stuff for myself.

  • lorraine

    good job Carrie….

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