Dyeing to get to Stitches!

Sorry, bad pun, I know. I couldn’t help it – I’m so excited because some of my best yarn yet just came out of the dyepots. There’s a magical quality to dyeing – certainly I have a good idea of what color the yarn is while I’m dyeing, but it’s not until it’s almost dry that the final shade and nuance is revealed. Sometimes it takes on an entirely new life when I pull it out of the washing machine, and today was one of those “Holy SHIT!” days when I surprised even myself.

This is my best, most interesting batch yet:
SMerF Moss (Medium)

This is one of my brightest colors, the neon quality was unexpected but completely welcome:
Lofty Corrie Fingering green (Medium)

More bright red, perhaps my favorite color to dye:
Corrie Sport Ephemar (Medium)

A great cotton/wool blend that takes the dye in a heathered kind of way. Very interesting to the eye.
Bollistic Tweed green (Medium)

Now that I’m pretty much done dyeing (there’s some slight tweaking going on the background, but not much), I’ve actually relaxed and destressed a bit. We have our booth figured out, got the fixtures and furniture, all that’s left is reskeining, labeling, and making signs. Which are all big tasks, but more chill than living my life in 30 minute increments, keeping track of 6 dyepots, loads of yarn in the wash, and boiling dyestuffs.

I just can’t wait to put everything out there, meet new people, and talk about yarn. It’s the best part of the whole business. Plus the party line-up for Stitches is going to be pretty awesome. Ravelry Happy Hour on Thursday night and LSG Hoariversary on Saturday. Woo!

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Engineer, maker of tools for yarn dyers and maker of other interesting things. I still do some natural dyeing, but not as a business. View all posts by alpenglowyarn

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