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Never Not Knitting Podcast, Episode 56!

Hey, all! I’m featured in the latest episode of the:

NNK Podcast Logo

Podcast, #56! I was thrilled when Alana asked me to be a sponsor, and it’s just plain awesome to be able to share the story of my Small Farm Yarn with everyone.

There’s even a giveaway of an Alpenglow Yarn sampler – enter a comment on her blog here for a chance to win! And let me just say, the comments have totally made my year. I have read each and every one of them (and continue to check and read the new ones!), and I’m incredibly touched and a bit overwhelmed by all the excited and glowing responses. It’s simply amazing and wonderful to have that kind of feedback, and I wish every comment had a love (1) button because I would click them all.

If you’re checking out this blog because of the podcast, you can follow Alpenglow Yarn in a few ways:
Friends of Alpenglow Yarn group on Ravelry
curlie or Alpenglow on Ravelry
Alpenglow Yarn on Facebook
Newsletter signup (I don’t send out many of these, I promise!)

Thank you all so much!

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