Small Farm Corriedale

Ok, before my computer broke and I became ensconced in that project, I was washing and skeining yarn. More specifically, I was washing and skeining the alpaca and Corriedale that has been made for me by mini-mills over the past 6 months. I’m fantastically excited about it – none of it is up on the website yet, this is a sneak peek!

IMG_0134 (Large)

IMG_0120 (Large)

There are 5 new Corriedale yarns, and each one is really great.  I’m still working on names, so these might change:

  1. Corriedale Fingering (front middle) – this is a 2-ply yarn, a little thick-n-thin, nice feel, lofty in the hand.  On size 0 needles, it works up into a nice thick fabric, good for socks or hats.  Size 2 needles give a looser, more drapey fabric, great for scarves and lace patterns.
  2. Sporty Corrie 2 (front left) – OMG!  The squoosh factor is awesome in this yarn!  It’s really sproingy and fun to work with.  Great when you want your knitting to be a little stretchy.  Very consistent 2-ply yarn with a nice amt of twist, will show stitch patterns well.  Knits up nicely on size 2-4 needles.
  3. Corriedale DK (back right) – Another really sproingy one!  A little thick-n-thin, provides nice texture to your knits without detracting from patterns.  I like sz 6 needles for this 2-ply yarn.
  4. Angelo’s Aran 2 (back left) – This came out fantastically consistent, a terrific 3-ply yarn for when you want your stitches to be very uniform and pop.  Knits up wonderfully on sz 8 needles.  Cable patterns will be awesome.
  5. Singular Corrie (front right) – A 100% Corriedale wool single, thick and thin but not overly so, good texture and pretty soft.  Similar in style to Manos (which I love!), maybe a slight bit thicker.  A good-feeling yarn.  It has a very soft look when it’s knit up and I think it will dye beautifully.  An aran-ish weight, good on sz 9 needles.

And then there’s the alpaca!

IMG_0204 (Large)

Most of it is in the fingering to sport weight area, with one black laceweight and a couple that are more towards DK.  I’m only thinking of dyeing one white run right now, the array of browns and blacks (and some white as well) will all be left natural.

I’ll be slowly swatching these to figure out gauge and weight over the next few weeks, while I start up the next round of dyeing.  Which yes, will include some Blood red superwash sock yarn.  :)

Oh, and I’m having a little November pre-Christmas sale. Use coupon code BLOG2010 to get 10% off of your order!

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