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Never Not Knitting Podcast, Episode 56!

Hey, all! I’m featured in the latest episode of the:

NNK Podcast Logo

Podcast, #56! I was thrilled when Alana asked me to be a sponsor, and it’s just plain awesome to be able to share the story of my Small Farm Yarn with everyone.

There’s even a giveaway of an Alpenglow Yarn sampler – enter a comment on her blog here for a chance to win! And let me just say, the comments have totally made my year. I have read each and every one of them (and continue to check and read the new ones!), and I’m incredibly touched and a bit overwhelmed by all the excited and glowing responses. It’s simply amazing and wonderful to have that kind of feedback, and I wish every comment had a love (1) button because I would click them all.

If you’re checking out this blog because of the podcast, you can follow Alpenglow Yarn in a few ways:
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Alpenglow Yarn on Facebook
Newsletter signup (I don’t send out many of these, I promise!)

Thank you all so much!


Happy New Year! So long 2010!

I made a New Year’s resolution to blog once a week (inspired by the indubitable Jacey Boggs), so I’d better get on it! Actually, I’m gonna do a double-dual update-o-rama here because I do have a bit to talk about. I’ll eventually write another post about Dan and myself’s recent trip to Spain (he’s becoming quite the world almond traveler, I’m just trying to tag along when I can!), but that will be later. Maybe even after Stitches, we’ll see how much time I have between now and then. Hahahahaha….like none! So first….

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, folks! This is how they do Christmas trees in Madrid:

Spain 2010_0285 (Medium)

It was a very cool stainless steel structure that lit up red and green at night. The pic is from inside, looking up into it. The Spain trip was just before Christmas, we actually spent Christmas day at the Ranch. With sheep and lambs!

Lambs at Ranch (Medium)

It was rainy and misty…I always feel lost in time at the ranch, but the especially so this day.

Windmill 2 (Medium)

It was very still, the pond was a perfect mirror.

Mirror Pond (Medium)

The moss grows thick on the trees.

Mossy Trees 2 (Medium)

It was quiet and peaceful, nice to visit and see most of Dan’s family + extended family, even though I came down with a nasty cold in the middle of it. Which is still lingering on, arggh! I wish it would get over and done with because…(this is your cue to go to the next post).

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